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Don’t read it Just look at it

We feel everything around us through the five senses.
Perhaps the most impressive and more intuitive in the process is the vision.


Typography is an array of characters. In particular, it also means typography and typography, centering on letters or typography. 
Nowadays, the function is developed and elements such as photographs and graphics are added, and it is classified as one design genre in editing design field.







Typography is more than merely conveying its meaning in a textual sequence, but it also raises the characteristic of readability and helps highlight the part of the communication process that you want to emphasize. 
It is the language that enables us to share human thoughts. It was the 'letter' of today's day that was born to record these languages semi-permanently, and printing is the first appearance to share it with many people.







The emergence of typography can be regarded as the origin of typography. It is not only the duplication of characters but also the possibilities of visually infinite, so that it has become a formative art of today as well as a record of characters.







Typography has two main characteristics. 


First, it is a verbal function. The linguistic function is very similar to the function of 'character'. That is, it is a function that makes the contents easy to understand and 'readability' is enhanced. Proper fonts, size of fonts, and spacing of fonts are factors that improve readability. 

Second, it is a formative function. The typography has not yet been used as a means of sharing simple characters, but has another visual function. At this time, typography is more free and experimental than when performing a linguistic function. A more dynamic and intense arrangement and distortion leads to the viewer's interest. Unlike linguistic functions, it has a subjective nature and is an important feature that allows typography to be accepted as art. 

Typography has a variety of ways of expression, as it adds formative functions to enable communication in a variety of ways. 







Monogram, one of the genres of typography, refers to a combination of two characters or suffixes. It is common that a prototype of a character is transformed by distinguishing it from just a character arrangement, and individuals and organizations often use a logo only as a header character. 







One of the most representative brands that use Monogram is Louis Vuitton. In honor of the founder, Louis Vuitton, his initials, 'L' and 'V', obliquely overlap and the pattern of alternating flowers and stars became one of the most influential logos to symbolize Louis Vuitton. 

Burberry's recent transformation is also impressive. In September of 2018, the logo was rearranged ahead of the official collection. Based on the signature colors Brown and Orange, Burberry's founder, Thomas Burberry, abbreviated 'T' and 'B' by appropriately combining the monogram pattern to maintain the legacy of the past, it is showing. 

As such, typography places a brand logo on the costume itself at regular intervals, which not only raises questions about the characters themselves, but also has the formative function of typography as a whole harmony, and is utilized as an element of costume design. 







Typography also plays an important role in social campaigning. It is a tool that can show intensely the individuality, culture, and ideology of an individual or group and express their thoughts more intensely. 

Stefan Sagmeister from Austria is a typographic artist who expresses social and cultural issues through other epigraphic works. 

He made a banana wall at the Daichi Gallery in New York in 2008. Through the difference in color between less ripe green banana and ripe brown banana, he expressed the sentence "Self-confidence produces fine results." Over time, less ripe bananas turn brown and the phrase disappears. 

Stefan Sagmeister, who had no limit in conveying his message, used his body as an element of his work. He also used the X-ACTO knife to engrave the entire body for AIGA lectures, and took photographs to create lecture posters. 







Typography has a great effect not only on language and formative functions but also on symbolism of subcultures.The punk and hippie cultures have been shown to be effective with typographical sensitivity and further developed into tattoo and graffiti areas. 

As mentioned earlier, typography has both verbal and formative functions. 

Typography as a formative function has a smaller proportion of meaning transfer, and the proportion of formative art becomes larger, so it has various shapes depending on its intention. It can be seen as a modification of existing characters or as an image itself. 







Typographical artist , Yvonne Heath is an artist who only uses typography as an image element. If you are new to his work, you will instinctively recognize his work as a non-writing image. Because it is a three-dimensional work, it is easy to accept it as an image rather than as a two-dimensional character, and it has a three-dimensional shape. 

His work is visualizing the characters, so that he can faithfully carry out the formative functions. 







In addition, typography in fashion is often used to accurately convey the brand's new season slogan, and often to take advantage of formative functions as a diverse element. 

Sunnei, a brand led by two Italian designers, launched a slogan 'We Should All Be Sunnei' in Dior's 'We Should All Be Feminists' parade at the 2018 S / S. It is a simple pun, made with the aim of 'not taking yourself seriously too seriously', makes you feel that you are a smart and bright brand that likes to play with stereotypes and surrounding situations. 







It is a fact that everyone knows that advertising must be special to attract people's attention. Experimental typography is used to create special advertisements. 

In 1998, an eye-catching banner began to appear in taxi cabs on New York streets. It was a campaign car on the HELMUT LANG taxi driver, and presented a new advertising paradigm by launching fashion ads in New York taxi for the first time as a fashion brand. The means of advertising can also be said to be experimental, but it could be said that the advertising was effective because it had the function of typography on the side where it could feel that the advertisement was innovative and new. 

This campaign, which was first introduced in 1998, was once again shown in various cities such as New York and Hong Kong in 2017. Even after about 20 years of advertising the same way, the campaign is still fresh. 









Typography is more effective in conveying beauty because it is expressed in design, not simply in letters, when presenting questions and answers that arise in the course of communication. 

Even if the same character is used, the size, position, and other changes cause messages to be distinguished from ordinary messages. Typography is transformed and developed with the technology of the times. In the past, if you created typography by hand, it is different now. 

With the development of technology, the way of designing is becoming diverse, and as the Internet space is constantly growing, the space of the Internet world is coming up with countless numbers. Most of the design elements that decorate the spaces are made of typography. 

The name of webpages, logos, main pages and subpages of the home page, as well as the many characters that fill up the domain, are all made of typography. All of these are thoroughly planned and organized to effectively perform their respective roles. 

With the development of technology, typography will not exist only in the plane, but in a stereotypical typographical era where it can be directly written, created and transformed. 

Characters recognized as powerful images are more effective than any other means of communication. If we are not aware of the message to tell us in the powerful means, and we only recognize it as a literate and unintentional character, we must think about the meaning in it. 




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